extracting email and phone number to give them reminder using api

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i have written a python code to extract checkout details using this endpoint
api_url = "/admin/api/2023-10/checkouts.json" auth_details = () headers = { "Content-Type": , }

but even after order is succesfully placed i am stiil getting details of that order in this endpoint? 
and i want to add one more thing to this is that i have made new checkouts but those are reflecting through this code

does it take too much time to reflect through API

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Hi @NiteshKumar ,
This is Theodore from PageFly - Shopify Page Builder App.


The /admin/api/2023-10/checkouts.json endpoint shows all active and unfulfilled checkouts, including completed orders.

To filter and retrieve only active (unfulfilled) checkouts:

  • Use parameters like fulfillment_status and financial_status.

API response times are generally good (milliseconds or low single-digit seconds) but can vary based on factors like server load and data size.

For better performance:

  • Implement caching for frequently queried checkouts.
  • Handle API errors gracefully.
  • Use exponential backoff for retries if needed.
  • Consider pagination for very large datasets.

Best regards,
Theodore | PageFly

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