Facebook & Instagram Not Syncing - FB Shop No Connection

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Who has been successful with the alleged "guru's" reading from a script but unable to help?

Who has been waiting days and weeks for technical support to resolve an issue?

Why has Shopify been dealing with the same issue for the past 2 years with no fix?

I set up my Shopify store with no issue over a year ago. Out of nowhere the FB Shop just stopped. No catalog. No IG tagging, Nothing. This was almost 3 weeks ago. I have called 2-3x per day and each time I am given the same lame excuse of an answer. I do not understand what type of "techs" work at this company. I do not understand why a "tech" or low level "guru" both of whom who have access to the account cannot oversee and fix the problem. I am continuously paying a monthly fee for no service. What type of business practice is this? Is Shopify to big to think they won't fail? This company has the worst customer service and the most inept people answering their phones. They are not "guru's" but idiots, plain and simple. Why would a company allow not hundreds but thousands of customers with the same issue to post in these forums where nothing gets done?  I guess we will move on to week number 4 of no resolve. Just an absolute f'in nightmare. If anyone has an easy fix to move my Shopify account to a reputable alternative ecommerce vendor, please post. If there is a customer who managed to fix their account, please post. 

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@Charlush - Not sure there was a question in there but would be happy to help!  What's the issue and please include as much detail as is relevant. 


Also, those of us that help merchants with troubleshooting at no cost on the forum (I am not paid by Shopify) would appreciate you refrain from calling people idiots.  Doesn't really help solve problems 🙂


Either way, kick over your technical issue and I'll see what I can do!

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The question was the statement of the title. The detail was clear. It’s the same issue as stated for the past 3 years within the forums.

1 My Shopify account no issues until the end of August.
2. Facebook & IG channels stopped working.
3 Facebook Shop disappeared in my FB Page.
4 Facebook Catalogue disappeared on my FB Business Manager Account.
5 I have contacted Shopify 2-3x per day since the end of Aug & always get the same response’s: (a) we’re working on it (b) we escalated it to the techs (c) you will receive a transcript (d) delete & reinstall FB & IG Sales channels (e) flush your cache (f) use a different browser (g) repeat of the same information

I have done everything a “guru” suggested. I have never received an email follow up or an email of the transcript. We are into week 3 going soon into week 4 and this issue has not been resolved.

It is a never ending loop.

What’s your solution? Waiting for the rinse and repeat....
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Our shop had the same problem as far as Facebook Shop not working.  Here is the response that we got.  They also did some "reset" on their end, but you can still try the steps below.  I think the step that we were missing was the deleting Shopify in the Business Integration but try all the steps anyway.   As soon as I did all of those steps, the shop was connected.  We didn't have to wait.  Good luck! 


Pia here from Shopify. Just want to give you updates about the reset that our team has made. I want to let you know that the reset is done. I have some steps here that you would need to do to have this rectified on your end:

1) In your admin kindly delete your Facebook sales channel.
2) in Facebook manager go to Manage/Business Integration then delete Shopify.

3) in your mobile device try to download the Shopify App then add the Facebook Sales channel there.
4) try connecting the Facebook page using the Shopify App
5) If you do not have a mobile device kindly try using Google Chrome Incognito then connect your Facebook page there.

This process which Facebook will review your account again will take 24-48 hours or the longest will be 72 hours. Please let us know if this issue persists so that our team can further investigate this.


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Thank you I will try it. But I know we had deleted all the integrations.
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I have the same problem. I can no longer tag new products in my Instagram page. I can still tag the old products, though. I have also tried to uninstall and reinstall Facebook channel from my Shopify. But that doesn't work either.

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Hey I am having the same issues.  The facebook shop on Shopify is exactly what I want my facebook shop to look like BUT most of the items are showing up under all products and not the individual collections.  Also I have added products the have now been "processing" over 72 hours?  I am at a loss for this connection and was so excited about it to start with.  Please help.  The last call with Shopify I was told if was a Facebook issue and I would need to discuss with them....

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Im also having problems with facebook and instagram not syncing, but this thread is way too chaotic to read all of

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 I am having the same issues.  The facebook shop on Shopify is exactly what I want my facebook shop to look like BUT most of the items are showing up under all products and not the individual collections. Let me know what is the problem.

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Y'all are all doing better than me! When I select "Open Sales Channel" I get a blank screen once I install FB app when supposedly I should see something that says "get started"  I actually found a contact number and called someone at customer service. Hopefully this was a real cust service agent b/c I gave permissions to my site for him to fix the issue that he saw.