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We have been dealing with an issue regarding the Facebook sales channel for about a month now and no one at shopify seems to understand. 

in Facebook commerce manager there is a section to create “offers” or “discounts”, previously we used to be able to make the offers/sales on Facebook and it be separate from shopify but now we cannot do that and instead get a message that says this…

“New offers must be created on Shopify and will be synced to your shop on Facebook and Instagram”

and then has a link under it that takes you to your shopify admin discounts page. 

So I could get over having to have the same sale on both but IT DOESNT WORK! We have lost thousands in sales because we can’t do a Facebook shop wide sale. 

Also PLEASE SYNC ALL THE PRODUCT PHOTOS… absolutely ridiculous that other apps created by much smaller businesses like CEDCommerce can sync all the photos for a product from shopify to Facebook but the actual shopify built app can’t…