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FACEBOOK - Product Status not Approved

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My store is LIVE and is not password protected. I have been unable to set up facebook shop because facebook has not approved my products.

The reason provided is: Make sure this product is available to your Online Store and isn't password protected. 

Some products don't even have a reason as to why they have errors on facebook. 

I have tried several times but i get the same error! Please assist

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We had a similar issue where we published about 100 products but only 3 got approved and the other ones rejected with the same reason above. What we did was to go to the store dashboard > go to facebook channel > on the product status section click on all products.  You will see a list of your products with the error message. Each should have a column named available on facebook with a checkbox. Untick this for the failed products and save. wait for a min and then tick them again and save. For us this seemed to have re-submitted products successfully. 

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this worked! thank you!!