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Feature request: Update Changelog when changes are made

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Please update the changelog when you make changes, even ones *you* think are minor, to the shopify and stocky. As developers you are not using the product daily the same way your end user are. Changes are interruptive to our business flow. Stocky and Shopify (especially the POS) changing constantly, with no notice, is frustrating and challenging. For a recent example: stocky used to never update your costs unless you did a manual push from Shopify to stocky. We had to do manual pushes every day. Suddenly, not long ago, the costs started updating automatically. That was one of the few welcome changes. Now, it's back to not updating the costs manually. When you make changes, turn things on or off, disable our keypad for counting the cash drawer on the pos, etc., we need this to be noted in the changelog. I realize your changelog will be tremendous. That's okay. We are better if we are informed. Not informing us just leaves us frustrated and angry with a system that we can never train people on. Thanks for your consideration.

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