Feature Subset of Collections using Metafields

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You used to be able to Feature a Subset of Collections on a Page using Navigation, however this does not apply to OS 2.0 themes. 


Is there a way this can be done with Collection Metafields that will paginate at XX Collections?

For example, display all Collections on a page with Value of XXX, and on another page display all Collections with a Value of YYY?

I feel this would be a MUCH simpler solution that would only require a Page Template with some code and adding values to Collections rather than manually building out multiple Navigation items. 

YES - I know this can be done with a bunch of manual theme and section work. Looking for an elegant solution that will only require adding a Value to a metafield to display a new Collection in the future, or remove the value to remove the Collection, without having to go into the Theme Editor.

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