Filter orders by product tag

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For a shopify client - looking at 'all' orders. I want to filter by product tag. I click filter, then 'tagged with' - and then for the value I add a tag that I have on particular products. 
Shouldn't that filter all orders that have that particular product? It does not. 
Any suggestions on how I look at all orders that have a particular collection...or have a particular tag on the product?


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That filter you're using will filter by "order tag", not "product tag".


You could try just typing the name of the product in the filter orders search box, that will usually include those.


For more detailed filtering, you can tag orders with specific tags according to the products in the order. If you have a lot of orders and don't want to manually tag orders, you can use Order Automator, it can tag orders / customers based on any condition of the order (products, address, etc).

I would try just searching in the filter orders box (instead of filtering by order tags) first though, you might not need an app. 

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