Filters/sorting customization on collections pages in dawn

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We're a record store mostly selling vinyl records online, we have been selling for years on the web through, so when we decided to set up a new website and webstore with shopify a month ago, We signed up for a 3rd party service called disconnect which syncs our discogs inventory (over 13,000 unique products) from dicogs to shopify. the syncing and everything has been working great, it keeps it constntly updated between the services. but since disconnect brings in data from discogs listings, it doesn't show up quite as perfect as we'd like. In the filters section, one of the filters is "tags", right now it just shows up in the actual filter menu as "more filters" and lists every single one of the tags we have in our shopify system, which is an insanely long list that is very redundant due to the disconnect software pulling in basically every category of everything as a tag. id like to separate the tags and create different filters based on different groups of tags. like a "formats" filter, which you would click on and choose from a list of music formats, ie "vinyl, 7"'s, cassettes, cds, box sets" or would like to filter by artist, genre of music, etc. I am very new to shopify and all of this, have gotten this far on my own watching videos and reading about this stuff but i'm stumped on how to solve this problem. thanks in advance.

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It seems like you need to categorize all of your products to collections. 

Please let me know if you need any further help as long time passed since you asked the question 😀