Flickity only sometimes loading on product page, causing product images to not render consistently

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This is a really odd one.


I'm using a modified Parallax theme, copied over from a different shop that I also run.


For some reason, the product photos fail to render about 25% of the time when you load the product page. It worked perfectly fine on the original store that I copied the theme from, and the issue is only present on this store. I did make some minor cosmetic modifications, but none of it should be related as far as I am aware.


I think it has something to do with Flickity not initializing properly, as none of the Flickity HTML classes are present when it fails to load the images.


Here's a link to the preview with the theme. Click onto a product, and if it doesn't load improperly, try again. Maybe use an incognito tab for a clean slate: https://kjak1mt7dovq6qhi-56124506262.shopifypreview.com 

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Did you ever get this resolved? Having the same issue with Impulse theme on PDPs  

typeof window.noUiSlider === 'undefined'