Force discount code/expand order summary by default

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Hi Shopify community!


I've been looking for a way to expand the order summary by default on checkout however this mission appears to be fruitless unless I've been looking in all the wrong places... I present two questions to the community:

  1. Is there any way to expand the order summary by default on Shopify Plus stores?
  2. If not, could I have a little technical guidance on implementing the following code to FORCE a discount code application? I believe I need to add this: <input type="text" name="discount"/> to the cart.liquid page, but am not sure where I need to add it. Please find the current code here:!


Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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On Plus you have access to checkout.liquid.

Try something along these lines of CSS:


      .order-summary-toggle {
         display: none;
      .js .order-summary--is-collapsed {
        height: auto;
        visibility: visible;
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Not exactly but we found a workaround after many sleepless nights. Therefore, we thought it deserves a special mention. We went to the extent to create a whole single page standalone website to share this solution to all Shopify Sellers. Though it is a minimalistic solution (takes less than 5 min) that we figured out, the impact is huge as it has the potential to touch a million Shopify stores. Please find the simple and easy steps in detail here (along with the screenshots). Hope this helps.

Thank you.