Forms: Manipulate {form.errors} & Data Verification

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I am new to the dev’s community, thank you for your support

I’m testing the forms for a new theme & I’m having some small problems. Let’s take as ex. the contact form with the fields, contact[name], contact[email], contact[phone], contact[body]


1) To make fields required  (name & body) I have added {aria-required="true"}, but when I post a blank form, only email (default) that appears among the errors with the code below. How can I manipulate {form.errors}?

  {% for error in form.errors %}
      {% if error == 'form' %}
        {{ form.errors.messages[error] }}
      {% else %}
        {{ form.errors.translated_fields[error] }} - {{ form.errors.messages[error] }}
      {% endif %}
  {% endfor %}

2) With the browser inspector, we can delete {aria-required="true"} or the tag id if I manage it in js, how can we check in back-end data to avoid receiving empty messages or saving corrupted data?

3) When submitting a form, the success message will still be displayed even if the page is refresh. Can a single display be made?


Thank you

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The Community is not very reactive 😞

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Did you find any solution for your problem?
I have the same problem