Fulfillment of multiple line items from different shipping locations

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First-time Shopify user here.  I'm selling only one product, consistent of a main item being fulfilled from one location, and an accessory being fulfilled from another location.  When a user makes an order, I want both items to automatically have an unfulfilled order that each location can check off when they fulfill their item.  Does this functionality exist within Shopify or an add-on?

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The order API doesn't seem to have the location for each line item fulfilled from separate location. Example : first line item to be shipped from location1 , second line item to be shipped from location2

So the only option I think is to make the GET order api to get the order content and the next call make the GET fulfillmentorder  - to populate locations the items will be shipped from.

We are using REST API, so we can get 100 orders in one request - and then we would need to make 100(!) more requests to populate locations? Doesn't seem logical to me.

Just imagine Black Friday... our clients are downloading few thousand orders... how long is it gong to take? And GraphQL isn't any better in that regard.

The information is available during the order download - why not to provide it? Any suggestions how to avoid extra thousands of calls or any other alternatives which can be used here?