fulfillment.tracking_url in page - how to make it work in 'notifications'

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Hi there, I would like to insert {{fulfillment.tracking_url}} in an email when I fulfil the order. But no matter how many times I googled and tested, people cannot click into the link. Here are the codes:

<p>{% if fulfillment.item_count == item_count %}
{% capture email_title %}Your order is on the way{% endcapture %}

{% capture email_body %}</p>

<p>Hello {{ customer.first_name }},</p>
<p>We are pleased to inform you that your Cafelat UK order number {{name}} has shipped.</p>
<p>{% if fulfillment.tracking_number %} The tracking number for your order is <strong>{{ fulfillment.tracking_number }}</strong> with {{ shipping_method.title }} via {{ fulfillment.tracking_company }}. Please click <a href=''{{fulfillment.tracking_url}}'' target="_blank"> <b> HERE </b></a>for more tracking information.</a></p>

{% endif %}
{% endcapture %}

I tested without <a href> and the link appears and works. Anyone can suggest how I can solve this issue please? 

Thank you very much.




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Does it work, if you add spaces?

--> {{ fulfillment.tracking_url }}


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