Getting {"errors":{"gift_card":"Required parameter missing or invalid"}}

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I am posting to the giftcard api:

using these headers:
httpRequest.addParam(type="header", name="Content-Type", value="application/json");
httpRequest.addParam(type="header", name="X-Shopify-Access-Token", value=accessToken);
httpRequest.addParam(type="header", name="api_version", value="2023-07");
with the following payload:
giftCardData = {
"gift_card": {
"note": "A gift card for you",
"initial_value": 50.00,
"code": "GIFT_CARD_CODE",
"template_suffix": "gift_cards.birthday.liquid"
However, I am getting this error
{"errors":{"gift_card":"Required parameter missing or invalid"}}
What am I doing wrong?
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