Gift Card Out of stock rejection at checkout

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If you try to buy a gift card on my site, it's auto-rejected from the cart (upon checkout) with a message saying that it's "Out Of Stock".
How do I fix this?

They used to work and I don't know what could have changed in the settings so I'm lost as to where to even start.


To Replicate:

Put any denomination in the cart.

Check out.

Receive this error message:




Things I've tried:

  1. Reviewing all settings in Settings>Checkout. I don't see any issues here, or anything I can attempt to turn off/on.
  2. I've tried creating a new gift card product from Products>Gift Cards> Add new gift card product. I still get the same behavior with the default settings of a new  gift card product (i.e. not tracked, uses gift card template, etc.).
  3. I've review the current gift card for Product-related settings. It does not track inventory so I can't understand why it would show up to a cart checkout routine as "out of stock".
  4. I've tried looking in the theme.liquid and cart.liquid files and I don't see a checkout routine to view/investigate.
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Hey, I just went through the same issue. I think it is because I manually added a Variant to the "Gift Card" product via "Products", rather than going through the "Gift Card> Add a Gift Card" method. After I did this, my gift card product started showing the out of stock.

I looked through shopify docs but was unable to find a way to actually update an existing product to add more variants:


While it says "update" is an option, I was unable to do so. 

To resolve the issue on my end, I recreated the gift card product with all the "Denominations" I previously had, plus the additions I was looking to make in the first place. I tested this out and it no longer has the Out Of Stock issue at checkout.


I then moved the old one to "Draft" status and renamed it with an "- OLD" at the end of the name. Not sure if this is necessary but instead of deleting the product entirely, I wanted to ensure that the customers who bought these would still be able to use it.