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Hi there,


I have a question regarding Gift Cards. We have an online store where we have activated gift cars, and we have sold a few - with gift card numbers being sent to the relevant customer automatically.


However, we also have a retail shop/Gallery in Spain where customers can walk in and purchase our products (which are travel art posters).


So they come in with this gift voucher and want to redeem it.

However, how do I now indicate on the website that this voucher was used so that it doesn't look like the customer can still use the funds?


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In order to achieve that you need to go to /admin/gift_cards/, find the gift card there and press disable at the bottom left. The only thing is that the card will be fully disabled. Originally, card can be used multiple times if it still has a balance. 


The other way is to use Shopify POS app. There you may apply gift cards the same way as at online checkout.


By the way if you need to extend standard Shopify gift card functionality there is an app Gift Card Hero which allows to schedule gift card send to a recipient, attach a message, cool animated gift card page and lots of other features. You may find it by the link below:


Shopify digital gift cards 



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