GitHub Integration doesn't support the .gitignore file

It looks like the theme GitHub Integration doesn't support the .gitignore file

I want to distribute the theme code via GitHub without loosing the store custom settings. Is it possible?

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I have the same problem - I have config/settings_data.json in a gitignore file, but any theme settings I change are causing that file to be pushed to the repo anyway, so my other stores end up syncing each others' wrong theme settings

Support suggested connecting a different branch for each store, but I don't see how that would fix it - at some point you still need to merge the branches up or down with dev updates, and settings_data.json will still be in there...

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We have exactly the same issue, we don't want to overwrite the files in /config directory.

But the GitHub integration does not support the .gitignore file

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Same issue here. Hoping it'll be fixed soon! 

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I'm having the same trouble! 

How can we use GitHub integration at all if settings_data.json has to be synced between different branches?

The dev and staging themes should not be supposed to have the same content on the homepage. 

This is content, it shouldn't be handled the same way as code!