Google Ads Conversion Tracking Duplicated

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I have a problem with the google ads conversion tracking which appears 2 times when I check with Google Tag Assistant, which I have a google sale channel installed so then I went to take out the tracking code from the liquid but I can't find it. So I'm not sure why it's appearing twice


This is what Shopify support have said about the issue: 

The trekkie.load is present in your page code because you have installed the different sales channel and have connected your Google Ads account to the Google sales channel. There is no possible way to modify or remove the trekkie.load. The Google Channel will place the Global site tag (gtag.js) and the Google Ads Conversion Tracking tag which will start with the letter AW (example AW-12345678) as seen in the string of codes which you have shared.
If you do not want to see trekkie loading Google tag, you can try disconnecting the Google Ads account from their Google sales channel but if you do not have any other script that is used to track your ads conversion then I would not recommend you to disconnect it.
But with the Google Sales channel I cant remove because I have an automatic feed syncing to Google Merchant centre. Does anyone know another way to fix this? 


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Same problem here, 


I have merge Google Tags into one Google tag but when I check with Google Tag Assistant I have 2 identical hit that are sent to Google Ads and I don't know why.