Google Ads Enhanced Conversion via Google Sales Channel

Google Ads Enhanced Conversion via Google Sales Channel

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Hi there,


One of our client wants to enable Ads Enhanced Conversion Tracking. Google Ads is installed in the store via Google Sales Channel and there's no setting for Enhanced Conversion. I've tried following the Google Tag manual installation using Js variables but when I validate using Dev Tools it doesn't seem to have the em parameter so I'm assuming the implementation is not successful?


Any suggestion as to how we can do this? Thanks in advance!

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You can delete the existing one the Google Channel created in Google Ads.


And manually set it up using my tutorial here:

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I have the 'Google and YouTube' sales channel installed and it is connected to my GA4 account.
All conversions and many other useful data is all being correctly sent to GA4.

In Google Ads I import GA4 conversions. That is working fine.

How do I enable enhanced conversions using this method?