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We launched a new website on Shopify one month ago and our traffic has been dropping ever since across all channels. 


I am wondering if it is due to Google Analytics tracking as I cannot find any other reason for it.


Our old website was  while our new website is just (if you type in the www. version, it redirects to this). I'm not sure if the www. now counts as a subdomain?


We added the Google tracking to shopify, but in the property settings, the default URL is the www. version. 


Do I need to update this to just; or should I create a new Google Analytics property for that? Should I add code for both options, or is there a way to tell Google to track both and combine results?


Thanks in advance for any help anyone can offer here!


Hi @Angel83 

You have to generate the Google analytics code for your new domain:-  and add to your theme. It will get fixed. 


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