Google Crawl Budget and Query Structure

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I have ran into an issue where Google Crawl Bots are giving me a crawl budget limit.  Google says it is a Liquid code problem as it has to do with the "?" quesry set up in the collection page and filter system.?.  Looking for options on how to fix this?  So search is fine with eh URL structure =*  where the "?" query statement is in the proper case and crawled correctly

while the collection page is proper =  when you start filtering you get = <--------- this "?" query tag at the end?  So this is allowing the crawl bots to crawls all variations, tags, filters, and exhaust the crawl limit.   Does any one know where in the code or how to fix this in liquid?  As the site map is correct, robot.txt is correct, and or am I missing something here? 

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