Google Indexing Issue: Blog Pages Discovered but Not Indexed

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Ok here is a fun one for you all. Many of the blogs on a site I manage are not indexing properly. I've attached links below to a few that I've had issues with, but in reality, it applies to all of the blogs on the site this year. 

Here's the background:

1. Sitemap has been submitted

2. Links have no known errors in GSC and I have requested indexing. I'm also not rushing things. Some of these links have been sitting for months. 

3. The Robots.txt is not blocking them - or at least that's what GSC indicates

4. The site is no where near large enough to have a crawl budget issue

5. Here's the KICKER: you can find the blogs on Google BUT you have to exact match the title and add a branded term next to it. AND when you do this, the link that pops up organically actually contains a social media UTM?? To make things better, when I search in GSC for the social URL, it says that link is indexed! Google is choosing the social UTM links over the regular links on the site despite self-referencing canonicals and a canonical on the social UTM link.

I noticed this impact rankings because one of the blogs (with a normal link) actually ranked decently well (position 7) for one or two days. After the social team posted the link and added the UTM, it feel off of the face of the earth. Not even in the top 100.

Links: (good example to try - shown in pics) (dropped off the face of the earth)


Curious to see what you all find and if there is a solution to this problem. Photos have been attached that provide more context. Also, I know there navigation is huge and the logo should move... working on it.


Links impactedLinks impactedUTM link populating after clicking on organic resultUTM link populating after clicking on organic resultLink not indexedLink not indexedOrganic result with exact match titleOrganic result with exact match title


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