Google Shopping Ads getting Disapproved - "Host name not resolvable"

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Hi everyone,

My store is active for 2,5 years now and and it has been successfully running Google Shopping Ads (via the Shopify Google App) for around 2 years

All of a sudden my products started getting disapproved on the 30th of October, 25% of them affected but the issue resolved itself 2-3 days later. But on the 8th of November the issue started appearing again but of a different magnitude. At the moment 247 items (64%) are disapproved and the number is constantly growing. Those items include all the items that get clicks and conversions, effectively for the past 4 days I see my business getting destroyed out of the blue in the most important time of the year...

The error that appears on Google Merch is "Unavailable mobile/desktop landing page" and the reason is "Host name not resolvable"

Google has pointed to the robots.txt file but it now seems that this is not the case really... Shopify support are nice but haven't done much practically...

Any thoughts / suggestions would be highly appreciated

Thank you

Best regards,


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