Got my shopify theme messed up by developers and now facebook pixle won't track properly

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Basically, i didn't know shopify had default integration with facebook, so I orginally had hired someone on fiverr to do the integration with facebook pixle and they use google tag manager and also, but when they did that i saw data duplicating, when i get one result it becomes 2.

I realised later on i didn't need it, I could use shopify built-in way to implement facebook pixle and Conversion API, so I removed all the google tag codes from the liquid file. but now add to cart event will not track properly, it only tracks the server event and doesn't not track EVENT ID. so I often don't see add to cart in the campaign data. And one more thing is, now initaite checkout event is duplicated. it fires initiate checkout when i click on the button but it also fires another initiate checkout when i land on the checkout page so it becomes double initiate checkouts. So then I tried to change to an older theme that i had, and it fixed everything. But the issue is i already worked so hard on the current theme, all the design changes are on the current theme so I don't want to revert to the old theme. Can someone help me? I will also share a video of this:

That's a ZIP file btw have to download it. 

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