Grey out unavailable variants and combination (Debut theme) ?

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Here is the url of my shop : (pass : weepai) - Debut theme version 17.9.3
I have been trying all the method to get the out of stock to appear grey out in the drop-down menu "size" and "insoles color" on the product page.
Nothing has worked for now.

A-Customers will choose a size, so I want to grey out unavailable sizes from size drop down menu. For example for the product Freshoes Camo-Khaki, only sizes 34, 36, 38, 40 and 42 will be activated as they are available (other sizes would be greyed out as they are out of stock).

Size :
35-Out of stock
37-Out of stock
39-Out of stock
41-Out of stock
43-Out of stock

B-Once the customer has chosen a size, only available insoles color for this specific size would be activated. For example, for Freshoes Camo-Khaki size 34, insoles color Amber-Orange, Ash-Gray and Vegan-Black would be greyed out (out of stock), other colors would be active as they are available.

Insoles color :
Amber Orange-Out of stock
Ash Gray-Out of stock
Misty Rose
Turquoise Blue
Yellow Green
Vegan Beige
Vegan Black-Out of stock

C-If the customer selection the insoles color first, then only the available sizes for this specific color will be activated.

Grey out lets the customer see option that are out of stock but he can't select them. Also is it possible to add "-Out of stock" behind the variant name ?
If grey out is not possible, hiding out of stock variants would be an acceptable solution.

@KetanKumar could you help me ?