Grocery Delivery Dilemm - Different Assortments for Different Cities - On Shopify, What's The Solve?

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We're year three into running our grocery delivery business with a shopify front-end.  Everything about shopify is spot on and does so much heavy lifting for us.  Over the last year we have aggressively expanded into new location and we're running into the same problem over and and over that we cant figure out how to solve and stay on shopify. 

The problem - 80% of the items we offer are global and available everywhere but the long-tail 20% are specific to retailers that are in some but not all cities we operate or items that a retailer stocks in one city but the not the other. 

Solutions we've tried:  

1.) Using specific instance of shopify for each city and put that on a sub-domain.  This worked well at first but then as we've grown created a problem where we had to manage 10 different shopify accounts, which meant changing/updating a price required we do it 10x.  Same with creative and updating collections. 


2.) Use tags to hide local items from search results and then link to a city specific collection for each town. 


What I'm looking for is there a way, via either customer inputting zip code or city they operate to modify what items are searched for and available for purchase.  So that when a customer searches "wheat bread" the customer in city ABC sees items 1,2,3, but the customer in city DEF sees items 3,4,5 in their search results.  Ideally the same solution would apply to collections as well, so that the milk collection contains those items for each city when a customer from that city clicks on the milk collections.   Note: we maintain assortment, pricing by market and retailers in airtable which is mapped to a SKU number in shopify for updating.  

Thanks again. 


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