Hamburger Menu not working on mobile

Hamburger Menu not working on mobile

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Hello guys


When visiting my shop on a mobile, the hamburger menu doesn't work. It shows but when you click it, it doesn't work. I use the Palo Alto theme.


My shop is:


Thanks for your help!

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Hello, @icPB 


If the hamburger menu on your Palo Alto theme isn't working on mobile, try these steps:

Update Theme: Ensure it's up-to-date.
Check Custom Code: Temporarily remove any custom code.
Clear Cache: Clear your mobile browser cache.
Check Javascript: Look for JavaScript errors.
Verify Responsive Settings: Ensure correct configuration.
Contact Support: Reach out to the theme developer.
These steps should help fix the issue.


I hope this information will be helpful for you

Best regards

Marcus Dexon