Has Shopify been hacked? Anyone else having issues with barcodes being deleted and quanities gone?

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2 weeks ago we got into our store and all our barcodes had been deleted and replaced with new barcodes.  Over 10,000 items and we are not able to get them back.   We had a back up from Jan but we have had thousands of new items arrive since then with no way to fix this but manually scanning in each item again! And manually adding to older stock…days and days of work.  Then we today we have had a bunch of items zero’s out , prices gone and inventory set to zero!!  Everyday something is happening, no one has access to do it but me and my daughter that have been doing it for years.  I wonder if anyone is experiencing this nightmare and if something in Shopify is being hacked? As there is no answer as to why it’s happening.  

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