help:How do products and pages filter sensitive/prohibited words

help:How do products and pages filter sensitive/prohibited words

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Recently, I was punished for a lot of sensitive words/banned words, for example: the world's first, this sensitive word, once found in all the pages, text, pictures and videos of my store, the sensitive word will directly push messages to me.

Is there a big boss to teach me how to do ah, I see the application market seems to have some applications set up sensitive words will be regularly checked out and pushed to me, but I do not know which application

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What platform "punished" you, and what did the warning say?


If you provide screenshots and URLs, it can help to offer more specific ideas here.


In saying that, it's very common to encounter content disapprovals, warnings, restrictions on platforms like Google Merchant Centre, Google Ads, Meta Ads even Shopify itself. There's always something 🙂


Generally the process is: 

  1. Read the warning email
  2. Read the warning in platform admin
  3. Google the warning to figure out common fixes
  4. Try fix it
  5. Appeal
  6. Ask support for help
  7. Go to 1

Eventually after a few cycles of that you should be able to figure it out.

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