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Help - How to get Session Token in non-embedded app development?

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My problem is that I can't get Session Token in the development of non-embedded app, so there is no way to add Authorization information in Header, this problem has been bothering me for a week, I didn't find any information online about how to get Session Token in non-embedded app.(This is not in Shopify's development documentation, in fact, Shopify's development documentation only about the embedded App related content, Session Token can easily be obtained through the App Bridge, the document address: Getting started with session token authentication )


Until, I watched a video released by Shopify (video link ), is based on JWT to achieve Session Token, which at the time of 27:17, he mentioned that non-embedded App can not use JWT to authenticate, because we have no way to use and load App Bridge (only the embedded App can use App Bridge)

So, my question is, if I want to develop a non-embedded app, how do I get the Session Token?

Thanks for your help!

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