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Help - I can’t add a product to a collection

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Looking for a bit of help. Started to add a new product on my store - when using the drop down box to add it to a collection - the collection doesn’t appear. I have added hundreds of products to the collections and this has only just happened today. The collection is still live - just not available in the drop down box! Help - why do problems always occur when there’s so much work to do 😂

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Shopify Staff (Retired)
Shopify Staff (Retired)
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Hi, @Vikkstar


Rae from Shopify here. Thanks for posting this question, and welcome to the Community!


I'm sorry to hear about the troubles you're having with adding this product to your collection. I'd love to lend a hand to help look into this further and ensure things are working correctly moving forward. 


I know you mentioned that your collection is already live, but can you also please make sure the product is live and published before trying to add it to the collection? To ensure the product is published, just follow these steps


Next, I recommend using a Chrome browser while making these types of edits, as Chrome tends to work best with our platform. If you aren't using a Chrome browser already, please try switching to Chrome and then try to add the product to the collection again. If you are already using Chrome, make sure you have cleared your cache and cookies before trying to make this edit again. 


I also suggest restarting your computer after clearing your cache, to ensure that your internet connection resets and that your computer doesn't have any extra activity running in the background. 


Please give these troubleshooting steps a try and keep me posted on how it goes! 

To learn more visit the Shopify Help Center or the Community Blog.

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Hello rae

i have the same problem regarding adding to collections. I created a list of collections and products but when i tried to add my products. This is what i get please check the image.

i am very stressed about getting help from the  center because it seems my questions aren't going through. Please help