Help me to make Affiliate link With Google Form

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I tried to make affiliate link from my shpfy shop,

i created it,

but, i cant recognize when they register from my google form page.

affiliate A ->open link A-> google form
affiliate B ->open link B-> google form

they are all came from same google form.

any solution for this?

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@Daniel1302 I think you create two forms in google form but all user come in form A, so I think you put the link wrong in the code can you once cross check it 

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You're asking the wrong question. Google Forms is the wrong tool for this job on a Shopify store. Why force a square peg into a round hole?

You're building a Shopify brand, so build on Shopify. 


Looking for a free alternative? Use Shopify forms.
Need more customization? Use Helium Customer Fields. The data is saved to a customer record in Shopify, including custom fields (as customer metafields).


You can also add customer tags automatically to add a tag for "influencer" or use account approval to make sure only approved influencers get access to discounts.

Or use Google Forms. Then later on when your brand is growing you'll have to untangle the web of non-Shopify apps you've strung together. 

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