Help with merging products!

Help with merging products!

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Problem Description:

I am using a system called RewixSync to integrate products from my supplier into my Shopify store. Each product variant (e.g., the same T-shirt in different colors) is currently listed as a separate product, which creates individual product pages for each color. This makes inventory management difficult and cluttered in my store.

I need a solution to combine these product variants into a single product listing with multiple color options, without disrupting the inventory synchronization with RewixSync. When customers place an order, the inventory should still be accurately updated and the order should be correctly processed through RewixSync.

I've tried using merging apps and updating products via CSV files, but these methods have caused inventory issues where stock levels are not correctly displayed. I need a reliable way to merge or combine products so that they appear as a single product with multiple color options on my Shopify store, while maintaining accurate inventory levels and synchronization with RewixSync.


  1. Combine individual product listings (same product in different colors) into a single product with color variants.
  2. Ensure accurate inventory synchronization and order processing with RewixSync.
  3. Maintain separate SKU and inventory tracking for each color variant.
  4. Ensure the combined product is displayed correctly on the Shopify storefront.
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