Hidden YouTube link in my code?

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Hi everyone,

A colleague of mine helped us set up our Shopify store. He is no longer working for us anymore so I took over and am learning Shopify and liquid.
At this moment I am translating our webshop to English as well using the app Translation Lab.

There I came across a YouTube link with 2Pac music. It is something my old colleague probably listened to while making the store and it somehow ended up in the webshop (intended as some kind of Easter egg or unintentional).

As I am seeing this link in de Translation Lab app must mean that this YouTube link is somewhere in my code/webshop right? I want to avoid that a customer comes across this, so I want to delete it. But for the life of my I can’t find it. Is there someone that can point me to the direction where this link could be hiding?

The webshop is www.bickerykerst.nl
According to Translation Lab is should be here: section.1613481825e24ab7c5.youtube_link.81b9593488c60e7f7bbbcfb4dae84eefb168c420d8f90f918252e8e9aff74e0b


Also, see the image I’ve posted below. 


Thank you in advance!


Screenshot 2021-09-27 at 10.43.32.png

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I took a brief look throughout the website's code and searched for the "youtube" keyword and was unable to find anything.

For the sake of your peace of mind, I'd recommend two things:

Searching through the theme's files
If the code is within your theme, using a Chrome Extension like this will show you in which file it's located.

1. Download this Google Chrome Extension: (you need to use Google Chrome): https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/shopify-theme-file-search/mhchmhfecfdpaifljcfebnlaiaphfkmb
2. In your Shopify Admin, go to Online Store > Themes > Edit Code
3. In the new box that appears with the extension (top right corner) search for "youtube".

Searching through the original translation files
1. From your Shopify Admin, navigate to Online Store > Themes > Actions > Edit Language


2. Search for the keyword "youtube". If it's anywhere, it will also show you where it's located and you can remove it.

If you can't find it in neither of those places, it's unlikely to be in your theme. The only alternative would be he purposefully creating a Javascript script to inject this link in some specific page, but I don't believe that is the case.

Let me know how it goes.

Kind regards,

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Hi Diego,

Thank you for your reply! I used the Chrome extensions (very handy btw, thanks) and searched through the original translate files and wasn't able to find the YouTube link everywhere. So I'll just have to leave it be.