Hidden YouTube link somewhere in my code?

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Hi everyone,

A colleague of mine helped us set up a Shopify store. Now he's no longer working for us, I took over and am learning everything with shopify en liquid.
I am now using a Translation Lab app to be able to translate our webshop in English. Now I've come across a YouTube link there with 2Pac music. That is something that my old colleague would've listened to and apparently somehow ended up there (intended or unintentional).

That this YouTube link shows up in the Translation Lab must mean that this link is somewhere in the code/webshop. I really want to avoid that some customer comes across random 2Pac music on our shop, so I want to delete it. But for the life of me I can't find it.. Is there maybe someone who can help me point a direction where this link could be hidden? The webshop is: https://www.bickerykerst.nl
The Translation Lab says it's here: section.1613481825e24ab7c5.youtube_link.81b9593488c60e7f7bbbcfb4dae84eefb168c420d8f90f918252e8e9aff74e0b 
See also the picture down below.

Thank you in advance


See bottom of this pictureSee bottom of this picture