Hide Product Price & Create Custom "Price Upon Request" Button on Certain Products.

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Hi! Hope all is well!

I am looking for help with my shopify store. I want the price to be hidden on certain products and instead for the "add to cart" button to say "price upon request". 
Then ideally the price upon request button will be a link that will direct either to our contact page or open an email with us. 
Is this something that you can please help me with? / is this possible? I have tried downloading a few different apps and can't seem to figure it out on my own. 
Thank you!
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Hi @waterlilies 


If you're running a B2B store, I suggest you use our B2B Portal/Net Terms. You can easily set up the rules which meet your demands:

  • Hide product price in the applied product pages
  • Hide Add to cart/ Buy it now button in the applied product pages
  • Display Price upon request button (You can change the name of the button as you want)
  • Redirect to the form in which you can customize the information fields as you want when your customers click on the button Price upon request

This app offers a FREE trial for 14 days to install and try all features until you officially launch your website.


I hope that you will find it useful!

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