Hiding an active product from collections/all.

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I have used meta fields to hide a product from search, but it is still showing up as part of collections/all.  I tried to remove it through the liquid, but that did not work.  I'm wondering how I can keep an active product from showing up on the product page (collections/all) that shows everything.  Could a meta field work?

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If the collection is an automated collection try adjusting it's conditions to exclude a specific product by a characteristic is.

Typically by adding a tag to the product. (metafields currently not support in automated collections)


If the metafield to hide a product form search is often changes consider setting up an automation in shopify-flow to tag a product based on that metafield. Or us shopify-flow to control which products are added/removed from a manual collection.

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Thank you for the advice.   I did add a tag and I added a line to the collection liquid to exclude it, but it did not work.   I'm guessing I have not correctly placed it in the liquid or there is an error with how it is written?