Hiding price on specific product page

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I am using Supply theme and want to hide the price on the specific product page (not all).

I don't know which page and how to customize code. Your help would be appreciated..

Thank you.

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Hello There,

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Please check here


Thank you.


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Hi @emitrad

You can create a template for the product and hide the price of creating that template. Refer:

- Step 1: Create "hide-price" template. https://i.imgur.com/QcVa3yo.png

- Step 2: Create "product-hide-price-template" section. https://i.imgur.com/rGHKfUe.png , https://i.imgur.com/UGwiXNJ.png , https://i.imgur.com/uBdJNUJ.png

You need to copy the entire code of the sections/product-template.liquid file and paste it into the newly created product-hide-price-template.liquid file

- Step 3: Find data-price and remove div. https://i.imgur.com/GIrbFp3.png

- Step 4: Choose Theme template "product.hide-price" for product. https://i.imgur.com/zAiMjAM.png

Hope it clear to you.

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Thank you for your advice.

However, does this setting effect all pages?

I want to choose depend on the situation. Basically I show the price but sometimes need to hide price.

Thank you.