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We have edited our Homepage meta description several times and we have it set the way we want. When google results are generated, it doesn't pull that description. Instead, it pulls our SHOP OUR BEST SELLERS section as the meta description. It will pull the actual description but then reverts back to the SHOP OUR BEST SELLERS product listings.


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<meta property="og:description" content="Superhuman Bikes is America&#39;s premier electric bike. Shop Superhuman&#39;s collection of high-quality electric bikes for sale. Electric Mountain Bikes and Cruiser eBikes for adults, seniors and teens.">

Looks like your page has been updated. How long ago did you make these changes?

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Hi @superhuman92117,


Google probably has the previous saved version of your page. If you've made multiple edits within a short period of time, Google would not have the updated version immediately. Submit the homepage to Google for indexing and wait for Google to update their copy of your homepage.


If you have loads of Google traffic, they should process your request fairly quickly - within a day or two. If not, it might take slightly longer.

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