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I have the following theme: Prestige

At checkout, customers fill in their address, but in this theme, there isn't any house number field for the address. Often customers forget to put their house number in the address field.


How to add a house number field or customize this in a way that, if a customer forget to fill in a house number that there will be an error?


The theme is been handled by the dropshipping company with an API


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This can be shown/hidden via the Form options section on the checkout options page:






Many things can go wrong when it comes to addresses. Have you looked into an address correction app? I don't know of any apps, I've just used commercial services but this may be a better route than prompting every customer to check their unit.


What percentage of customers have units? You may end up frustrating your customers more than helping them/you. 

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I agree. The below reply doesn't actually solve the problem because the first field still says "Street and House Number", so making the Address 2 field required is just confusing for the customer unless the Address 1 field can be changed to just be "Street Name" and Address 2 to "House Nunmber". This should be part of the basic Shopify plan... every webshop needs a proper checkout for their customers and the address is SO important for shipping.

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street, houseNumber, zipcode, neighbourhood, state/region, country are the world wide standard. houseNumber is DEFINITELY not an optional part of that and should NOT be concatenated to the street. In Brazil all e-commerce sites allow you to type a CEP and the street, neighbourhood, state are prefilled and you can add houseNumber and address2 (appartment, etc). I don't get that this is not standard with the premier e-commerce platform in the world.

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If you look at the above Image (heads-up: taken from a 2020 posting) you can see that there are some redundant fields that you can turn into a dedicated house number field like the company_name field or the address_line_2 field and make it mandatory.


Then go into your theme language editor, locate the label for this field and change it to something meaningful for your customers, like "Please enter house number here" or sth like that... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯