Hover always activated Windows 11

Hover always activated Windows 11

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When I load any page with a hover effect, the page loads as if I am hovering my mouse when I am not. In fact, if I have three products on a page, and each has a unique hover effect, all three hover effects show in their  hover states when the page loads with no mouseover on any of them.


The issue affects just my PC. My coworkers and users cannot see this issue nor can my theme support people.


More information:

I see it in both Chrome and Firefox, so it is not browser specific
I did turn off all extensions nonetheless

I have closed all the apps in my task manage looking for a conflict


I have looked into control panel settings especially those for accessibility.
I have looked at 'ease of use for mouse' in control panel with no affect.

I have disabled my trackpad and that did not help.
I then alternate and disable my Bluetooth mouse, no help.

I have never seen this before. Any thoughts, anyone?

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I am San from MS Web Designer.


Ensure that you update your Windows according to your system's requirements and avoid upgrading to higher system requirements that are not suitable for your specific system.


Do let me know in case of any concerns.





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