How best to use feature flags / feature toggles with a shopify store?

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Hi Shopify Community,


I hope this message finds you well. I am currently looking at implementing a feature flagging system on my Shopify store.  I want to see if there are options beyond just using client side JavaScript - like what are my server side options so that I can avoid page flickering or popping during page loads.


Could someone share insights on how to integrate a Feature Flagging SDK into the server-side architecture of a Shopify store? I'm open to multiple vendors (or building something on my own) right now though I'm really more at the stage of having questions about architecture or design. 


My main objective is to ensure that pages load smoothly without flicker or popping when the page loads. 


Some things I've considered:

  • having a service that updates metafields using the shopify API and having the liquid templates render those conditionally (seems clunky but also easy to do)
  • Using react server side rendering and having node 'hydrate' the page before being sent to the client
  • Hydrogen? I'm not as familiar with this but it seems to really allow almost full control for server rendering of Shopify stores.



Any advice, best practices, or examples from your experiences would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance for your assistance!

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