How can I add a no-account newsletter signup form using Storefront API?

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We are trying to add newsletter signup form on our website using the Storefront API.

We would also like to achieve the same result as using the Liquid form (link). Specifically, we would like to create a customer account that:

  • Doesn't send out a customer account confirmation email as they are only signing up for a newsletter. 
  • Doesn't create a customer account similar to the Liquid form that I linked above.  When using the Liquid form, the customer record will display "No account".  


Is there any way to do this with the Storefront API?

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Also looking to do the same thing. I’ve looked through the API docs and haven’t found anything. Any luck on your end?

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Also willing to do the same thing. No luck so far. Any progress on that? I appreciate it a lot if anyone could help.