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How can I add a repeater metafield to my product page?

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I would like to have a repeater metafield on my product addition page. What is the best way to do this?

Preferably I would like it to be with Shopify's native metafields.

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I really don't understand what you mean, but you can create metafields and get it out as per instructions:
Hope it helps!

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I would like a field that whenever I press a button it would add more fields below it.

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Checking in from 2022 – we definitely still want a repeater field for the metafields. A place to group metafields/data and repeat it when you have custom/unique product pages that require varying levels of information

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Damn @Shopify, please. 

This is such a basic feature which is urgently needed. 
Please implement it in your core. Thank you. 

Managing one template per product is simply an inconvenience.

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This would be a great feature! But in the meantime, I've discovered the ACF Metafields app does have this option:

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Is this still missing in 2023?

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Does anyone know if this has been resolved? We're wanting to add FAQs to product pages. Each product will have a different amount of FAQs so we need repeater fields so we can specify the amount of questions required for a particular product. We don't want to have to create 20 custom question and custom answer fields per product and then most of them be blank.

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I have been waiting for ten years on a way to edit linklists programmatically, or even just in a git-trackable schema file. Never hold your breath when waiting for Shopify to add a bleedingly obvious feature, or you will die of suffocation.