How can I add hidden, free sample products to a cart using JS?

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I would like to add a product (or more products) to cart via JS and I know that is possible but... these products must be not sellable singularly, must be not visible in any search product page or frontend listing and they must be free. A sort of hidden products. Is it possible in some way?

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Hi @nabo,

I checked and this is not possible. But you can add your own template for free products, so customers can't add to cart it. This would be the best option.

Hope it helps!

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Hi Nabo,


It is indeed really difficult to hide things in the cart/checkout, so we went with a completely different approach. We add the free samples after the order is placed based on some simple rules! 


Here's a link to our app:


Let me know if you have any questions at all or if I can help get you setup!


Here's a short video I put together showing how I set up some custom tea samples that can maybe even help you cross sell: 





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