How can I adjust the quantity box to add multiple units at once?

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We need to change the quantity added or subtracted in the quantity box. Not to add one by one, but add a metafiled figure (box complete) quantities. I mean, when you add a unit, not add a unit but 8 units (for example).

(8-16-24, etc). 

Could anyone help us with this?

Thank you in advanced


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Hi @victor6am 

I'm Dan from Ryviu: Product Reviews & QA app.

You can find the quantity code of your theme and change those values to do that.

Screenshot 2024-02-28 at 14.34.22.png

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Thank you for your reply:

I only found this code (Symmetry Theme)


<div class="quantity buttoned-input">

<a id="updates_dec_{{ forloop.index }}" class="quantity-down" href="{{ routes.cart_change_url }}?id={{ item.key }}&quantity={{ quantity | minus: 1 }}" aria-label="{{ 'cart.items.decrease_quantity' | t | escape }}">{% render 'icon-minus' %}</a>

id="updates_{{ forloop.index }}"
data-initial-value="{{ quantity }}"
data-key="{{ item.key }}"
{% if item.variant.inventory_management != blank and item.variant.inventory_policy == 'deny' and item.variant.inventory_quantity > 0 %}
max="{{ item.variant.inventory_quantity }}"
value="{{ quantity }}"
{% else %}
value="{{ quantity }}"
{% endif %}
aria-label="{{ 'cart.items.quantity' | t | escape }}" />

<a id="updates_inc_{{ forloop.index }}" class="quantity-up {% unless can_increase %}unusable{% endunless %}" href="{{ routes.cart_change_url }}?id={{ item.key }}&quantity={{ quantity | plus: 1 }}" aria-label="{{ 'cart.items.increase_quantity' | t | escape }}">{% render 'icon-plus' %}</a>

<a class="cart-item__remove small-text underline" href="{{ routes.cart_change_url }}?id={{ item.key }}&quantity=0">
{{- 'cart.items.remove' | t -}}




But any change works, I don´t know if there is other similar code in other place.

For example, if I change quantity={{ quantity | minus: 1 }} for this: quantity={{ quantity | minus: 5 }}, anything happens. It still discount one by one.


Is possible that those variables are being modified in other part of the code?


Thank you very much