How can I automate my print workflow for my online store?

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Hello! I am searching for companies or freelancers who can assist me with automating my Shopify store. Currently, I am using Customily, a web-to-print app, to create personalized products and ClickUp to organize production orders. 


I am looking for assistance in streamlining the following tasks: 


1. After receiving an email with Customily order info, it's necessary to create an imposition of the main PDF artwork and includes a generated barcode based on the order number, name, and date

2. Generating a ClickUp Task and attaching all the order files

3. Saving all these files into a Dropbox folder

4. Printing these files using a Hotfolder

5. After scanning the barcode on the sheet manually, the label, invoice, and packing slip need to be printed automatically in two different print machines (label and regular).


I hope this clarifies my requirements.

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Shopify Partner
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Hi @Keeco 


As a software engineer it's definitely possible, however this is not a trivial solution as it requires communication with several external API's so it depends on your budget too. Also on step 1 instead of creating an email client to read incoming emails you could potentially use Customily's API to get the information you require. Sounds like a good conversation would help clarify some of your requirements. Feel free to reach out to me and we can chat about potential solutions.

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