How can I automate receipt printing based on pickup location?

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Hello guys,


so currently I’m setting up a store for a restaurant with three different locations.

and I was wondering if there is anyway to schedule an automated receipt auto process based on the pick up location

can I set up different suffixes for the locations regarding the order number

F.e :



whenever someone’s order at location x I want it to be printed in that spot automatically so that the kitchen can immediately work on the order


I’m eager to receive your feedback

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Hello @Lenoy93 
It is currently not possible to assign dynamic order names based on location in Shopify. However, by modifying the order print template, you can print different order numbers (Add a prefix or postfix) in the final print. Please note that this will only change the printed order number and not the order number within Shopify.


There are other options available, but they would require setting up an entire system. The easiest solution is to update your order print template.


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