How can I change one h2 tag to h1 in my slideshow?

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Hello all, I'm having an issue with my slideshow and the h tags associated. I want the Showcase NY to be my h1 tag and the rest to be my h2 tags. When I first implemented the slideshow all the tabs were the h1 tags and I managed to make them h2 tags; but I want to make it so only the first slide with the h2 tag value "Showcase NY" is the only h1 tag associated with the slideshow. Where would I go in my "edit code" section to change only the one "showcase NY" h2 to h1, while keeping the apparel slide the h2? ty in advance!

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Hi @showcase 

You must customize the code of your theme to make it work like that. Can I know what theme you are using?

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gain theme; yeah I'm trying to customize it but it only allows me to change all

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were you able to fix this? having the same problem