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How can I create a dedicated email newsletter sign up page?

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Hi all, I currently have my email newsletter sign up in my footer. I would like to have a dedicated page / URL to allow my customers to sign up through that page and so I can send them a link to signup. I am running on the Debut theme - does anyone have any advice? 

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Hi @KieranC 

You can have a look at AVADA Email Marketing. The app helps you create sign-up forms/popups and insert them into any pages on your site easily. 
This feature is available in the free plan. 

You can also consider some page builder apps such as: 
- Pagefly 
- Gempages

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@KieranC  hello

                                You create a page for newsletter ex "Newsletter" and copy this newsletter code from footer.liquid. The page.newsletter.liquid might look like this


<div class="page-width">
<div class="grid">
<div class="grid__item medium-up--five-sixths medium-up--push-one-twelfth">
<div class="section-header text-center">
<h1>{{ page.title }}</h1>

<div class="rte">
{{ page.content }}

<div class="site-footer__newsletter
{% if section.blocks.size == 1 %} site-footer__single-block--centered{% endif %}">
{%- assign formId = 'ContactFooter' -%}
{% form 'customer', id: formId, novalidate: 'novalidate' %}
{%- if form.posted_successfully? -%}
<p class="form-message form-message--success" tabindex="-1" data-form-status>
{{ 'general.newsletter_form.confirmation' | t }}
{%- endif -%}
<input type="hidden" name="contact[tags]" value="newsletter">
<div class="input-group {% if form.errors %} input-group--error{% endif %}">
<input type="email"
id="{{ formId }}-email"
class="input-group__field newsletter__input{% if form.errors %} input--error{% endif %}"
value="{{ }}"
placeholder="{{ 'general.newsletter_form.email_placeholder' | t }}"
aria-label="{{ 'general.newsletter_form.email_placeholder' | t }}"
{% if form.errors %}
aria-describedby="{{ formId }}-email-error"
{% endif %}>
<span class="input-group__btn">
<button type="submit" class="btn newsletter__submit" name="commit" >
<span class="newsletter__submit-text--large">{{ 'general.newsletter_form.submit' | t }}</span>
{% if form.errors contains 'email' %}
<span id="{{ formId }}-email-error" class="input-error-message">
<span class="visually-hidden">{{ 'general.accessibility.error' | t }} </span>
{% include 'icon-error' %}
<span class="site-footer__newsletter-error">{{ form.errors.translated_fields['email'] | capitalize }} {{ form.errors.messages['email'] }}.</span>
{% endif %}
{% endform %}


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Hi there, thanks for getting back to me. Where exactly would I embed this?